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Boo - Mario Boo hoo

Thanks for visiting the blog again.

I won’t be sending mail to FH (your town’s initials that I won’t just blurt out like an idiot) because I don’t want your mom or anyone else opening my letter and laughing at it, or ripping it up. I also don’t want you to laugh at it or rip it up. I still want to go over there myself, even if the Stand Your Ground law is effective in your state.

Oh well, you’re worth a bullet in the head and or ass.

I hope you’re doing well though. I’d try and find out how you are, but you don’t like that very much. I haven’t really tried contacting you directly since you blocked me… I need to ask you a question that I probably won’t get an answer to. 

When I sent the messages with the attached pictures about my graduation certificate and the 3ds stuff you didn’t block me, and when I sent the KAF messages you didn’t restrict PM’s. You were reading my messages, weren’t you? You don’t have to answer it, mostly because I know you won’t.

Everything I’ve done this year has made everything else worse, and you never even bothered telling me. Thanks again, Kirsten. I really don’t know what I’m doing. Even if you forgave me, your family never would. I tried lying to myself, but I’m well aware that there’s no room for me in your life anymore.

I’m sorry for stalking you. I don’t know why I’m doing it. You probably still feel betrayed and you still want nothing to do with me. I’m probably going to die waiting for you, but that’s okay. As long as you’re happy.


You look really fucking pretty in your newer facebook picture. Your face really grew in over the years.. Sorry if I sound like a stalkery sleaze. ♥